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Fluid Handling Reliable Service To All Of Our Commercial Accounts. We Are Also Available To Service New Customers With The Same Dependable Service.

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We provide our exceptional services for new constructions. We are sure that we will be able to offer perfect plans and execute things at the finest levels.

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We have a separate and dedicated team that will handle all our commercial assignments and make sure to provide the best services to our clients.

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We specialize in designing and installing irrigation systems. We have provided our services to some of the biggest Agri companies, and we are fortunate to be associated with them.


Fluid Handling is one of the most trusted and renowned names in the plumbing industry. With talented and experienced professionals we have made sure to live up to our client’s expectations. Our commitment and dedication has made us who we are today.


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They are definitely one of the best plumbing companies that I have seen. Their work is absolutely flawless, and they are committed to doing the best

They have a very dedicated team that makes sure to go that extra mile to attain perfection.


14Jul 21
Latest Innovations Impacting The Future Of Construction Equipment

Latest Innovations Impacting the Future of Construction Equipment

The future of construction equipment is changing. Construction technology has advanced rapidly, and innovations in the industry are making work easier for everyone involved. The latest advancements include 3D printing of buildings, autonomous heavy machinery, electric vehicles for site work, wireless data transmission to monitor progress on the fly.

What do these innovations mean for the future? Let’s take a look at some predictions: less pollution from trucks supplying building sites; improved safety with fewer accidents caused by manual labor; increased productivity as machines can complete tasks more quickly than humans.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the latest innovations that have a huge impact on how construction projects progress.

The future of construction equipment

The construction industry is constantly evolving, and it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations that are impacting this industry.

This evolution in construction equipment has created a need to rethink the way we design, manufacture, and use construction equipment.

A few of these innovations are listed below:

Construction Equipment Command Center (CECC)

Construction Equipment Command Center is a place where construction workers can get up-to-date information on the latest equipment, as well as find someone who will answer all their questions. This interactive center also has an exhibit that lets people learn about how these machines work and what they do to help construct buildings for us.

Connected Construction Equipment (CCE)

Connected Construction Equipment is a new company out of Chicago that has come up with an innovative way to keep construction projects organized.

When the team was first starting, they didn’t know what kind of business model would work best for them so instead they focused on solving their own problems by designing and building solutions that helped solve these issues.

Their product lines are made specifically for contractors working in fields including demolition, recycling or concrete production but also can be utilized by anyone looking to get started with home renovation project.

Team of architects at a construction site

Flexible Infrastructure Initiative (FI)

The Flexible Infrastructure Initiative will allow for a more dynamic and responsive approach to infrastructure management.

In response, we have launched the Flexible Infrastructure Initiative. This initiative allows for an improved way of managing our infrastructures where they can be adapted in real-time as needs change over time.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that takes the construction industry into an ever-changing digital world. The use of BIM can improve project management by supplying more accurate and timely information to stakeholders, such as architects, engineers, and contractors.

It also helps when it comes time for design coordination between disciplines because they are able to review each other’s work in real time without having costly printouts or delays associated with scanning physical documents back and forth across the globe from one company site office building another – this has been traditionally done through email attachments that would sometimes be lost on their way even if sent over high-speed internet connections like fiber optics cables at near light speeds! This will save both money AND natural resources while making your business environmentally friendly.

Construction equipment innovations that will change the industry

The construction industry has been adapting to new innovations for decades. With the adoption of newer technologies come a higher level of efficiency and safety that will not only change how we use these tools but also impact the future direction our industry is headed in.

Caterpillar 797F

Caterpillar 797FThe Caterpillar 797F is the largest and most powerful truck in the world. It can carry up to 400 tons of cargo at speeds as high as 68 miles per hour, making it ideal for transporting heavy loads across long distances quickly.

The introduction of the Caterpillar truck is a game-changer for this industry. This particular model has been introduced to help reduce labor costs and environmental impact, while also providing improved visibility in congested areas like ports and other high-traffic zones.

This new innovation will not only make the truck more efficient by cutting down on idle time and reducing fuel consumption but it will also provide a safer work environment for its drivers.

Caterpillar Safety Vision Systems have been built into the cabin of each truck, providing operators with high-resolution views from four different cameras that can be monitored simultaneously.

Komatsu D155AX-6

The new Komatsu D155AX-6 can go where no other machine has gone before. With a wider track width for stability and an enlarged cab, this model is the most comfortable ever!

With its innovative engineering design that includes increased ground clearance for overgrown job sites or rough terrain, companies can enjoy greater productivity with less downtime.

More than just a workhorse, this machine is designed to be your partner in every project.

Other remarkable innovations

  • Driverless bulldozers are being developed by Caterpillar
  • Excavators and backhoes are now able to work in tandem with a wireless system that allows them to operate without human interference
  • New equipment is designed for use, like earthmoving equipment from Allwell Hire, in high-risk environments, such as mining or nuclear plants
  • 3D printing has been used to create new parts for some heavy machinery like excavators and cranes
  • Drones have been used to inspect construction sites from the air, saving time and money on safety inspections
  • Construction equipment will be increasingly autonomous, requiring less human input

How will these innovations impact the industry and consumers?

These innovative machines provide many benefits for construction professionals such as increased productivity, lower operating costs, improved working conditions, and better quality workmanship.

Increased productivity

For example, the telehandler has a lifting height that can be adjusted from 12 feet to 160 feet using the tilt jib. This allows workers to complete tasks at heights where it would not have been possible before, and with less exposure than they previously experienced.

Construction engineers at site

Lower operating costs

One of the most important aspects of a successful construction project is keeping costs low. These machines, which provide many benefits such as lower operating costs and increased productivity, will help ensure that you don’t have any surprises along the way or get caught short when it comes time for your next big job.

Construction professionals who want to keep their overhead down should definitely consider investing in these innovative machinery—they’re well worth every penny! Machines like this can make all the difference between struggling just to stay afloat versus thriving under heavy demand from clients eager for excellent work at competitive rates; no matter what type of business you run or how much experience you’ve had.

Improved working conditions

The construction industry is at the forefront of developing technology. These innovative machines help to improve working conditions and make things easier for workers in this competitive field.

The safety and security at construction sites are also being improved by these innovations.

Improvements in the demolition process can be attributed to this technology as well, and it’s something that has been happening over the past few years.

While there is still much room for improvement when it comes to construction equipment design, we’re finally starting to see progress from some of these innovative designs.

Better quality workmanship

The innovation of machinery for construction has the potential to produce better workmanship. With this in mind, it is important that these machines are maintained and properly used so as not to damage any property or endanger anyone’s safety on site.

Many people assume manual labor takes precedence over anything else when it comes to building projects but the truth is more complicated than that; since the human error can be costly both financially and personally whereas mechanical errors may only prove time-consuming, depending on which machine is associated with them.

Although there have been occasional mishaps involving certain types of equipment such as backhoes where a person was killed during an operation gone wrong, we must realize how much safer our job site will be without us having accidents caused by poor concentration due to fatigue from skilled workers or machine operators.

Regardless of what these changes might entail (and there are many), it seems clear that we’re headed towards a greener and safer construction projects thanks to innovation! If you’re in the market to hire quality earthmoving and construction equipment for your project, contact Allwell Hire for equipment rentals.


Allwell Hire

Address: 109 Scanlan Road, Mitchelton
Phone: 07 3355 5411
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14Aug 20
The Role Of Good Plumbing In Waste Water Treatment Process

The Role Of Good Plumbing In Waste Water Treatment Process

Have you ever asked yourself what role you play in the wastewater treatment process? That’s probably something most people don’t ask themselves. But we all have a part play in this process.

The condition of your plumbing is one of the factors determining the effectiveness of the wastewater treatment process. To have a better understanding of this topic, we spoke to Jesse from Off Tap Plumbing, beaches plumber. He told us several roles good plumbing plays in the waste water treatment process. Here is what he told us:

Proper Waste Water Drainage

One of the biggest problems with poor plumbing is poor drainage. Wastewater should flow freely into the local sewer system. But when you have poor plumbing, you will probably have a problem with blockages and sewer backups.

Good plumbing should have the right pipe size and slope. This will make it clog-free. It allows for the efficient flow of wastewater into the local sewer line or your septic tank. That’s why you need a professional plumber to handle your plumbing to enhance waste water treatment process.

Reducing Waste Water

Another thing that Jesse told us about the role of good plumbing in the treatment process is the amount of waste water produced. According to him, the ideal situation would be where no wastewater is produced. But since that’s practically impossible, then need to produce as little wastewater as possible.

Imagine the amount to wastewater that’s produced by a leaking toilet or shower? What about a toilet that flushes unnecessary litres of water? Good plumbing will fix this to reduce waste water.

Preventing Contamination

If you are not careful with your plumbing, you might be exposed to water contamination. This is one of the biggest problems in the plumbing system. If your clean water supply is mixing with wastewater, then you are exposed to several health complications. There are chemicals, and disease-cause bacteria, viruses, and so on in wastewater.

Good plumbing system prevents water cross-contamination of wastewater by reducing sewer backups and blockages. But you need to work with an experienced, equipped and professional beaches plumber.

Preventing Foreign Materials

plastic mug and other foreign materials

Another role of good plumbing in waste water treatment is preventing foreign material into the sewer line. Wastewater should essentially include pee, poo, and toilet paper. Any other thing that’s into the treatment system will make it ineffective.

Good plumbing does not only include in-house plumbing. It extends to the exterior systems, including storm drains and manholes. If your storm drains or manholes are allowing in foreign objects such as water bottles, leaves, silt, stones, and so on, you’ll have a problem with the wastewater treatment process.

Reducing Cost Waste Water Treatment

The cost of wasting water treatment depends on the condition of your plumbing. If you have a poorly used plumbing, then you will make it very expensive to treat water. A good example is plumbing that drains waste food, milk, grease, or other waste liquids. Most of these things increase the amount of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD).

The result of high BOD levels is the corrosion of the wastewater system. This leads to blockages of the wastewater pipes. The high level of BOD also means more energy will be needed to treat the water. Both cases increase the cost of water treatment. But with good plumbing to reduce the cost of treating waste water.

Maintaining good plumbing is crucial for a properly functioning wastewater treatment process. Call Off Tap Plumbing Northern Beaches Sydney all your plumbing needs. They will help you maintain your plumbing system in the best condition possible.

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29Jun 20
Your Guide To Installing Compact Water Heaters For Caravans And Motor Homes

Your Guide To Installing Compact Water Heaters For Caravans And Motor Homes

Travelling caravans and motor homes have become increasingly popular with tourists in Australia. That’s because of the fun and adventure that this type of camping offers. If you are planning a caravan, among the key things you need to check is the hot water supply. What you need is a reliable compact hot water heater for caravan and motor homes.

From washing dishes, showering, or even washing your hands during camping, you need hot water. However, the choice of the water heater depends on your vehicle and your water requirements. Here is our list of the best compact water heaters for caravans and motor homes.

Check out for these water heaters and others.

LP Gas Water Heater

One of the most popular compact water heaters for caravans and motor homes are the LP gas water heaters. These models are also common in most homes in Australia because of the numerous benefits such as better reliability and lower cost of running when compared to electric models. As long as your gas bottle has LP gas, you will get hot water.

Caravan gas water heater runs independently from the engine, and that’s what makes them more reliable. You just need to connect them to your gas bottle to get hot water. However, buy the modern gas water heater for caravans since the old versions are fuel guzzlers and could expensive to run.

Modern water heaters offer a higher level of efficiency hence low gas consumption. They also produce lower exhaust emissions, which help to lower your carbon footprint. Gas water heaters are ideal for those camping in sites without power connection. For small caravans, you can buy portable camping gas water heaters.

Therme/MotorAid Water Heater

Therme or MotorAid water heaters have become increasingly popular with campers due to the numerous benefits they offer. They do not use any fuel to heat water but uses the heat generated by the van. Therefore, once you have installed these water heaters, you will only incur the maintenance cost.

The working mechanism of therme water heaters is pretty simple. The hot air pipes from the van’s cooling system runs directly through the water heating appliance. The heat from the engine is released in the heat to the water and that’s how you get hot water.

heating radiator

There are many benefits that come with MotorAid water heaters. First, they are compact and lightweight because of a few parts. Second, they are easy to install since there are few parts, unlike the LP gas or electric water heaters. Lastly, these water heaters are eco-friendly since they help to reduce the burning of energy to heat water.

Electric Campers Water Heater

Another water heater option for campers is the electric powered water heater. Unlike the LP gas water heater, you don’t have to worry about the exhaust when using these heaters. They are powered by electricity, and thus you need a power source to heat water.

Campers with electric water heaters usually choose campsites connected to the power line. That’s how you heat water. However, if you are planning to camp in the bush, then you need to consider bringing your own power source. A generator is the widely used power source by campers using these water heaters.

If you can afford a solar power system that can power the water heater, the better. What you need are PV solar panels and batteries to harvest and store the green energy. The stored energy is used during the night to power your gadgets and heat water.

Gas-electric Powered Water heater

heating radiatorIf you want to install a more reliable caravan compact water heater, then you need to consider the gas-electric powered water heater. Powered by the combination of both gas and electricity, these water heaters offer incredible reliability.

You can use both fuels hence enjoying the benefits of both electrical and powered water heater. Electric water heaters are more efficient than gas models. So, if the campsite has a power connection, you use electricity to heat water. When in the bush, you switch to LP gas mode. This water heater is the most ideal for people planning for a more extended caravan camping.

Endless Hot Water Heaters

The endless hot water heaters are increasingly becoming popular with caravans and motor homes. They are a new model of water heaters that run on your RV’s fuel. So, what you need is to have the water heater connected to your RV fuel tank. As long as your caravan has fuel and you have a water supply, you will get hot water.

However, endless hot water heaters are a bit complex and require a specialist for installation work. They also require strict maintenance to keep them in good condition and keep you safe.

In conclusion, when installing compact water heaters for caravan and motor home, pick a model that is compatible with the future RV upgrade. It will save you money and offer a smooth transition.

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26Apr 20
Best Water Heating Systems For Your Home

Best Water Heating Systems For Your Home

Whenever it comes to water heaters, there are a lot of choices to select from. Whether it is the kind of fuel used for heating water inside your home or the design of the water heater, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, it’s important to note that your home’s needs should determine the choice of the water heating system.

Each of the available water heater systems has its advantages and disadvantages hence the need to choose wisely. You must ensure that the choice you pick is the best for your home. We spoke to Liam from Hot Water Brisbane and here are the five best water heating systems he recommended for homeowners:

1. Conventional Storage Water Heater System

This is one of the most popular water heater systems with homeowners and probably one that most people are familiar with. As the name suggests, these systems feature a storage tank that holds the heated water. Therefore, every time you open your home faucets, you are will get hot water until the heated water runs out.

The capacity of the tank determines how much hot water you get in your home at once. For instance, if the tank capacity is 150L, then you will get a continuous stream of 150 litres of hot before it runs out. So, if the system capacity is small for your home hot water needs, you will get lukewarm or cold water once the capacity of the tank runs out. Therefore, if you have a larger family, go for a larger model.

One of the biggest benefits of a conventional storage water heater system, according to Liam, is the affordability. They are cheaper and also pretty easy to install. However, they are a bit costly to maintain due to the continuous cleaning of the tank to remove sediment. The continuous heating of water in the tank also increases greenhouse gas emission, hence contributing to global warming.

2. Tankless Water Heater System

The tankless water heater is the latest technology in the industry. The water heater system is also known as instantaneous or on-demand water heaters, due to its ability to supply instant hot water. Unlike conventional water heaters, these water heater systems can offer nearly endless hot water for your home.

As the name suggests, these water heaters are not designed with tanks. Instead, they have super-heated coils that continuously heats the water passing over them. So, immediately you power on the water heater, the water passing over the coils instantly to the set temperature. That’s how these water heaters offer instant hot water immediately they are powered on.

One of the biggest benefits of tankless water heaters is their energy efficiency. With this system, you only heat water when you need it. That means less energy is burned, hence reduced carbon footprint from your home. However, Liam mentioned that the initial investment for a tankless water heater system is significantly higher compared to traditional hot water heaters.

3. Heat Pump Water Heater System

Also known to us the hybrid water heater, heat pump water heater is another option that Liam recommended for homeowners. Unlike the other water heater systems that use electricity to heat water, this system does not use electricity directly. That’s why they are one of the most energy-efficient hot water heaters in the market.

Heat pump water heater makes use of the heat in the air to heat water. The electricity power is only used to move the heat from the surrounding (air and ground) to the water. Studies have shown that these water heater systems can use up to 60 percent less electricity compared to the traditional electric water heaters.

Like the traditional storage tank water heaters, these water heaters also come with a tank. Therefore, you need to select a capacity that suits your home needs. The incredible energy efficiency features of this system make it perfect for environmental conservation. However, it might not work very well in cold spaces or during winter seasons.

4. Solar Powered Water Heater System

The other water heater system that Liam recommended for homes is the solar-powered system. There are many reasons why solar-powered systems have been rising in popularity not only in Australia but worldwide. One of them is the numerous environmental and financial benefits due to their incredible energy-efficient features.


Solar Hot Water System.

Solar-powered water heaters use energy from the sun to heat water. The system relies on solar panels (which are mounted on the house roof) as its source of energy. The solar energy is transferred to a closed-loop system, which contains a heat conductive material. The heat is then transferred to the water circulating in the closed-loop, and that’s how the water gets heated.

Solar-powered water heater system works particularly well in warm and sunny climates. However, you will` need an electric or gas backup in case the hot water in the storage tank runs out in the night or during winter seasons. One of the biggest benefits of solar water heaters is zero greenhouse gas emission. However, the initial cost is higher compared to electric and gas systems.

5. Condensing Water Heater System

Last but least is the condensing water heater system. These are water heater systems designed to use unused gas and fumes to heat water. However, they work best for homes that are primarily using natural gas as the source of energy.

Condensing water heater system works by collecting the gas fumes from burning natural gas, such as oven and heater, to heat water for your home. The water heater system is designed with a tank, which stores the heated water. Therefore, you will need to look for a capacity that addresses your home needs.

One of the biggest benefits of Condensing water heater system is energy efficiency for households using natural gas. You will be using zero energy to heat water apart from the energy that has already been burned. Therefore, this system helps to reduce global warming.

For homeowners planning to install new water heaters, these are some of the best water heater systems you can select from. However, if you need a hot water system installer and supplier in the Brisbane area, you may opt to contact:

Hot Water Brisbane
at 5/46 Reeve St, Clayfield, Brisbane, QLD. 4011 or call
(07) 3064 0663
or email them at
Check their location here ->

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26Feb 20
10 Major Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Drain Cleaning Service

10 Major Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Drain clogs are some of the most frustrating plumbing problems for most homeowners. What would you do when your toilet drain or shower drain clogs? Some people try to take on the task themselves, but in cases, the problem could require specialised tools and skills to fix the problem. That is the time you need the services of a professional plumber for drain cleaning.

There are tons of benefits that come with hiring a professional plumber to fix your drain problems. Apart from the expertise, they have specialised handle drain cleaning professionally. If you have a drain problem, we have rounded up major reasons why you should not take on the task yourself but call a plumber. Here are the main benefits of hiring professional drain cleaning services.

1. Professional Services

One of the biggest benefits that come with hiring professional drain cleaning services is professional services. A qualified and licensed plumber is someone that has been trained thoroughly and passed test needed to qualified as a plumber. So, they have the knowledge plus the industrial experience needed to provide professional services. They’re also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality services. For example, a professional and adequately equipped plumber should be handling fluids through electric eel plumbing. That’s what professionalism is all about.

2. Saves You Money

Hiring professional cleaning services saves a business or individual money in the long run. Unlike when doing it yourself, professional services ensure that your drain is working properly and it’s clean and clear for longer. This will help frequent call clogs that cost money. That’s one way that you will be able to save money in the long run. Due to the professionalism that they offer, there are no damages, and if there is, the insurance company will take care of the cost and not the homeowner.

3. Removes bad odours

As people use the bathroom, scents and hair typically accumulate in the drain. same case when your sewer drain is backing up. With time, you will start experience the bad odour coming from your drains. This can make you uncomfortable if not fixed. That is why is important to have your drains cleaned by a professional from time to time or as recommended. Hiring professional services will quickly eliminate bad odours. Professional drain cleaners use the latest cleaning technologies such as hydro-jetting to clean drains and remove unpleasant odours.

4. Safeguards the overall health of the family

When there is an accumulation of dirt, particles, and other foreign objects in the kitchen drain, bathtubs, and toilet drains, the health of the family is at stake. The presence of bacteria in these drains raises the chances of members of the family getting deadly infections. Hiring professional cleaning services will greatly help avoid subjecting members of a family to infectious bacteria. As a way of safeguarding the health of a family, a cleaning professional should use the best cleaning methodologies to get rid of harmful bacteria.


family on the dining table near the kitchen sink

5. Keeping the walls and floors from damage

Sometimes, sink and or a toilet overflow can mess up your walls and floors of a house. This can bring about structural damages and growth of harmful moulds, which can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. However, this a problem that can be avoided by hiring a professional plumber to fix the problem quickly. By hiring professional cleaning services, they have the expertise and the right tools to handle the problem quickly. They can use snake drains to unblock the drains and have them cleaned thoroughly.

6. Eliminates Frequent Clogging Of Pipes

In some cases, you might be experiencing frequent drain clogs. This is a common problem when you choose to take on the task yourself or hire an inexperienced plumber. what happens is that you fail to clean the drain thoroughly hence leaving some clogs in the pipe. So, when a solid matter is flushed down the drain, it will start building up immediately. That is how frequent clogs become common in our homes. With professional drain cleaning services, you will be able to eliminate cases of frequent drain clogs. They will leave your drain free of any build hence no frequent blockages.

7. Helps Maintain The Drainage Pipes To Last A Long Time

When you hire professional drain cleaning services, your drain pipes will last for a longer time. One of the mistakes that we make when we decide to take on the task ourselves is using the wrong tools. some of the use of wires and other material that could break the pipes. Others use chemicals that corrode the pipes making them weak and eventually breaking. But with professional drain cleaning services, you will have your pipes taken care of. They have the right tools and equipment as well as drain cleaning processes that ensure the safety of your pipes.

8. Detecting Bigger Problems

When you hire a professional drain cleaner, there is a guarantee that they will be able to identify severe issues on the drainage system earlier. They will find out why your drain is frequently clogging. Professional drain cleaning plumbers have drain cameras which can be used to inspect the interior of the pipe. With the camera inspection, they will find out whether the problem is stubborn buildup, tree roots in the pipe, broken pipe, and so on. These are bigger problems you cannot identify by yourself.


Sewer full of garbage

9. Faster And Precise Troubleshooting

Hiring professionals to fix your drain problems guarantees fast and precise troubleshooting. Since they have been in the industry for long, they have the answer to most of the drain problems. they can read the symptoms very fast and provide the most effective solution. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with a clogged drain for hours when professional drain cleaning services would take just a few minutes.

10. Getting Quality Services

Last but not least benefit of hiring professional drain cleaning services is quality services. A professional plumber has the experience and expertise to provide the highest quality services. They have the tools and equipment to handle any drain issues. In addition to that, they have professional drain cleaning processes to ensure quality services.

If you are experiencing drain problems, it is important that you hire professional drain cleaning services. There are numerous benefits that you get when you work with a professional plumber. They will not only keep your drain in good working order but also save you money. But always check whether the plumber is qualified, licensed and insured before hiring.

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02Nov 19
Dangers Of Unfiltered Drinking Water

Dangers Of Unfiltered Drinking Water

With water becoming a scarce resource, its quality has been lowering every year. The main reasons being increased pollution. There are many chemicals coming from the farms, factories, and many other places that end up in the water, making it unsafe for drinking.

That is why installing water filters for drinking water is highly recommended here in Australia. These filters remove solid particles, chemicals, and microorganisms in the water to make it safe for drinking. However, it is important to know when to change your water filter to maintain quality drinking. The recommended time for changing a quality water filter is six months.


9 Dangers Of Unfiltered Drinking Water

There are many dangers that come with drinking unfiltered water. Most of these dangers include health risks from chemicals and microorganisms found in the water. The good thing is that you can remove most of these health threats through the filtration process. If you’re wondering whether changing your water filter is worth it, examine these dangers of unfiltered drinking water and consider the risks for yourself and your family, especially young children at home who are more susceptible to toxins in your drinking water.

1. Fluoride

blurry water unsafe for drinking
Fluoride is one of the ingredients in toothpaste. When used in small amounts, it makes teeth white and shiny. However, when consumed in large quantities, it can cause serious health complications. Studies have proven that fluoride is a neurotoxin that can disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system when one is exposed to a large amount.

So your thyroid and pineal glands will be affected if you consume a lot of fluorides. The amount of fluoride in the water depends on the origin of the water. Water coming from regions where the soil is rich in fluoride can cause severe health damages. That’s why you need to install a water filter to remove fluoride from in water before drinking.

2. Chlorine

Small amounts of chlorine are added in water to kill disease-causing microorganisms to make it safe for drinking. But too much chlorine can be harmful to the body. Studies have shown the hydrochloric acid in chlorine could impair the normal functions of the respiratory system when taken in a large amount. You can also be exposing yourself to memory loss and damaged cells if you consume too much chlorine. So excess chlorine in the water is the danger you could be exposing yourself by drinking unfiltered water.

3. Exposure To Lead

Lead is one of the most toxic components in the water. It is one of the heavy metals in the water that comes from industrial effluent or uncontrolled farming products. It is too destructive that can it can destroy all organs in your body. It can cause development disorders such as deafness, learning disabilities, and autism, amongst others. That is why it is classified as one of the most dangerous heavy metals in water. However, it can be trapped and removed from the water using water filters.

4. Mercury Danger

pouring unfiltered drinking water into glass
Mercury is another dangerous chemical element and one of the heavy metals in water. It is a very toxic element that comes from places with a lot of farming and industrial activities. Studies have shown that exposure to mercury is likely to cause cognitive disability, skin rashes, muscle atrophy, and headaches, amongst others. The studies have also shown an increase in various cancers for people in areas where exposure to mercury is high. That’s why you need to filter water before drinking to remove these chemical elements.

5. Arsenic Danger

All studies and research done on arsenic have proved that it is one of the deadliest toxins found in water. What is even scaring is the numerous health dangers the chemical poses to the body. Even a small amount of this chemical can cause several cancers, including bladder and lung cancer. Too much of this chemical can cause clotting in the blood vessels and eventually causing death. Other health issues caused by arsenic poisoning are abdominal pain and diarrhea. These are some of the reasons why you should avoid drinking untreated water.

6. Dioxins

Dioxin is one of the dangers of unfiltered drinking water. It is a dangerous toxin that is released during combustion in factories, cigarette smoking as well during forest fires. That is why even the natural stream’s water may not be safe for drinking. Studies have shown that exposure to dioxins component could damage your reproductive system. The toxin can also cause serious problems in your immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. Fortunately, you can remove dioxin components on the water through water filtration.

7. PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)

washing vegetables with unfiltered water
PCBs are dangerous chemicals found in water, including your tap water. The chemical is used for industrial purposes, including productions of insulation, paints, oil, and electronic. It is from these materials, especially in the dumpsites, that these chemicals find their way into the water sources, including rivers. PCNs can disintegrate and easily get processed by your body. So, what you will have are toxins and antioxidants that are likely to cause various types of cancer.

8. Radioactive Substance

We all know the health hazards that come as a result of exposure to radioactive conditions. Most people think that getting exposed to radioactive substances only happens in a nuclear power plant, which is not entirely true. Radioactive elements are also found freely in nature. For instance, you can find materials such as uranium, radon, radium, and others that possess radioactive features in nature. So they can easily seep into the groundwater or be swept by surface water during rains. That is how you get exposed to these chemicals in your home if you don’t filter the water.

9. Copper Danger

If you have copper pipes or faucets in your plumbing system, then you are likely to get exposed to a large quantity of copper. As your plumbing system ages, these pipes and faucets will start releasing more copper elements to the water, and this will threaten your health. Some of the common health complications associated with exposure to copper include anemia and liver and kidney failure.

Why Filter Drinking Water?

These are nine dangers of unfiltered drinking water. The dangers are live across all parts of the world, and thus, any unfiltered water is not safe for drinking. That’s why every home in Australia should consider investing in a quality water filter.

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30Sep 19
Useful Tips And Tricks: Plumbing

Useful Tips and Tricks: Plumbing

We actually underestimate the importance of plumbing because without it; we would be knee deep in liquids that you don’t even want to think about; because it is just THAT gross. Plumbing plays a crucial role in the smooth working of our houses and makes sure all our wastes are properly disposed of. In order to save some time and money, I have listed a couple of points that would help you maintain plumbing on your property.

–    You should wrap the pipes with some adhesive backed felt, because hot running water can cause copper pipes to expand and cold water can make them contract. Purchase some adhesive backed felt from a hardware store and cut them up into strips. Wrap them on the pipes.

–    Utilize the pipe insulation in order to prevent sprayer snarls; for a smooth experience put on ½ an inch worth of pipe insulation on the pipes and also the handles. Tape will never stay on permanently.


–    Memorize the location of the shut-off valves. Before you move into a new property, note the place where the main shut off valve is placed and also the drain as well. I most cases it will be located on the outside of the house. It would be a good thing if you acquaint yourself with sewer lines and where you can access them; this is in case you have to conduct any cleaning routines. Condos and apartments will have their own method of placements.

–    Before drilling a hole in your wall or nailing it, you need to make a note as to the placements of your pipes in the walls so that you don’t accidentally drill a hole in them, because that would be catastrophic.

–    You need to know what is flushable and what is not. It is not advised to use a toilet bowl as a trash can. Throwing things in the bowl that cannot be flushed can cause it to clog.


–    Do not put garbage down the drain at any cost, just because you have a garbage disposal; it does not mean you can put junk in it. Do not dump coffee beans, food debris like bones, vegetable peelings, etc. because these can clog up the drain and cause a lot of chaos.

–    Most people tend to ignore leaks. Do not do that. They constantly drip and waste a lot of water. This is literally money going down the drain. Leaky faucets can waste up to 8 gallons of water a day. You should make it a priority to fix these kinds of leaks promptly.

–    You should never over-tighten the fittings. This is a commonly know DIY mistake. This would lead to broken bolts and faulty screws.


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12Aug 19

Best Water Tank Choices for Your Home

Many people do not understand that water is a FINITE resource and wasting it at the current rate is not going to get us anywhere. We live in a culture where we put an effort to access clean and potable water, and when we do get it, we seem to piss it away, one way or another. In reality, there are indeed many reasons as to why people should know why it is imperative that they know the importance of water and they should learn how to save all the water they can. Storage solutions play a significant role here. There are indeed many different ways one can store water; mainly we can use huge water tanks. These are actually very popular since all of us have one in our houses; we should choose them based on usability, functionality and durability.Water Tank

  1. AutoPot 200 gallon tank: one of the main issues with such a tank is surely their size. They do indeed take a lot of storage area, but they can hold so much water in them. Shipping costs could be a little on the pricey side as well. The assembly and disassembly of the tank is very easy and can be done in less than 5 minutes. It is a practical product to purchase.
  2. Express Water Ro132 4 gallon tank with reverse osmosis: this tank has a greater resistance for pressure when compared to plastic tanks because this one uses a metal diaphragm. Metal has a lower molecular porosity, and therefore it helps prevent and eliminate loss of air pressure. The product even has reverse osmosis which is an amazingly useful water purification technique.
  3. RTS Home Accents 600 gallon tank with rainwater harvesting, above ground tank: this is one of the tanks on the list with the ability to hold an impressive amount of water. It is perfect for individuals who live far away, in the middle of nowhere in isolation. Additionally, the product possesses UV inhibitors, which protects the water from any kind of sun damage. Even more, the tank can collect rainwater which increases the reserves when needed.
  4. The Norwesco 45223, 35-gallon tank, horizontal: this tank is completely made out of polyethylene. They are manufactured to be durable and long lasting. They can even accommodate various other chemical liquids like fertilizer solutions, agricultural liquids, liquid feeds, etc. The tanks comply with the FDA specifications and unsure incredibly safe storage for drinkable water, which can be cached for long periods of time. The manufacturer provides a wide range of sizes and shapes since the tank is such an impressive invention. It can also fit into any kind of space very comfortably.
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19Jul 19
What You Need To Know About Stormwater Management?

What You Need To know About Stormwater Management?

Stormwater management is the process of taking efforts to prevent the runoff of rainwater and other fresh water into the streets. By indulging in stormwater management both the quality and quantity of fresh and edible water will increase.

Generally, if water hits the soil, it gets absorbed due to the porosity of the soil. If there is enough moisture and when the ground is saturated by water, there will not be any penetration. The water will either stagnate or will running above the surface and get collected in the sewers and ditches in the road.

How stormwater management helps?

In developed cities and urban areas, most of the surfaces are either covered by road or by concrete flooring. These hard surfaces prevent the natural penetration of water into the grounds. In most of the cases, the water will get into the storm drains, sewer plan and drainage systems. These waters that are collected are sent to seas and other freshwater bodies that will affect the quality of water and also a lot of aquatic life.




Restricting the flow of stormwater will help to remove the pollutants in the initial stages. It is one of the important aspects of stormwater management. Surfaces that are porous allow water penetration. Culverts, gutters, storm sewers, conventional piped drainage and grey infrastructures are the ones that do not allow water penetration. The blue/green infrastructure is the one that will contribute to better stormwater management.

Personal contribution

When it comes to the personal contribution, the most important thing that you can do is to educate yourself regarding this issue. You must have a clear idea about the property of the surfaces where the rainwater and snowmelt are not getting absorbed. By having the required knowledge, you can implement the right practices to make the necessary changes which will result in better stormwater management.

Benefits of stormwater management

At this point in time, stormwater management is not luxury; it is a necessity. Freshwater bodies are one of the biggest natural resources that are on the verge of depletion. It is high time that we take necessary steps to take care of it, and one of the steps that need to be taken immediately is stormwater management which will have a lot of positive impacts.



Protection of freshwater bodies

There will be a constant supply of water to the fresh water bodies which can be used for our everyday purposes.

Improved water quality

We have come to a point where we need to spend some money on quality water. If proper stormwater management is done, then we can easily get good quality water.

Conservation of water resources

Freshwater resources are very few, and we are making the maximum use of it. Stormwater management will help to protect the freshwater bodies.

Flood control

By providing the right spaces to flow will be able to eliminate floods completely. Even the excess water can be saved and can be used in the future.

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12Jul 19
How To Clean Up Your Flooded Basement?

How to Clean Up Your Flooded Basement?

Floods are one of those natural calamities that are hard to deal with. We all know for a fact that it will affect our normal lives and there will be a huge monetary loss. People who have experienced it will be able to relate to it in a better way. It is because of human actions that water is not able to find its path out which is one of the most important reasons for flooding. In this article, we will see how to clean up the flooded basement.

Pump out the water

The first thing that must be done while cleaning the flooded basement is to pump out the water. If possible, it can be done manually. But it is always better to opt for powerful water pumps to pump out water as it will give better results. It can also be done with wet/ dry vacuums. But the thing with vacuums is that you will have to keep emptying it very often. The most important thing is that you need to keep in mind is that when you are pumping out the water, you should make sure that the water outside the building is removed.

pump out

Cleaning and sanitizing

If you think that removing or pumping water out of your basement is a tough task you are absolutely wrong. The cleaning and sanitizing the process is where the real work begins. Cleaning up the area as soon as possible will help you to avoid issues like moulds and mildew. There are very good chances that a lot of unwanted and dirty stuff might have entered your basement during the flood. So there is no other option but get the place sanitized. By sanitizing you are ensuring that fungus and all other micro-organisms are completely eliminated.  In the cleaning and sanitizing process, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. They are

Safety First

There are a lot of risks involved in this process.  Hence it is necessary for you to be safe in each and every step you are taking.  Some of the things that you can do are wear safety gloves, waterproof boots and safety glasses. If you are a person, who will not be able to tolerate some bad smell make sure that you get a mask so that you don’t puke.

Remove dirt

Once you are equipped properly start the cleaning process by removing the dirt. There can be all sorts of things, and it is better to remove them when they are wet. It is because it will be easy to remove them, if it becomes dry it will stick to surfaces, and it will become a very hard task.


Remove damaged items

As the last part of your cleaning process, you need to remove the damaged items. When we say damaged items, we are not just referring to the things that you have stored in the basement. It also includes the damaged part of the walls, floors and everything that is in the basement.

Drying the basement

When everything is done, the final thing that you need to do is to dry the basement. Make sure that you create enough ventilation. If your basement heater was not damaged by floods, you can make use of it as it will speed up the process. The space might appear to be dry, but it is better to leave things open for a few days.

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27Jun 19
What Does A Water Management Planner Do?

What does a Water Management Planner Do?

There are more than seven billion people on this planet, and it is increasing drastically. One of the major issues that we are facing and going to face on a large scale is the resource crisis. It is very evident how climatic change is impacting us. It is high time that we do some effective environmental planning, to ensure a safe future. Just the being concerned about it is not going to fetch us anything. Some immediate actions need to be taken, and it requires some professional skills to do things that will have some positive effect. Professionals like water management planners should be approached to do a flawless job. In this article, we will see what a water management professional will do.

The main job

The main role of a water management planner is to strategize, design and device plans that will ensure water supply for the human population, agriculture and every other need that is there. At the same time, the plans that they make should be in such a way that it does not disturb the ecosystem in any way. Their work involves conducting research on various landscapes which will be applied to solve many water problems.


Where do they work?

Water management planning is a part of environmental planning. Most of the environmental planning is done by the government bodies, and hence the predominant water management professionals work in government bodies that deal with environmental planning. To be more precise 66% of them work with the governments. Even though water management is a federal management concern, there are a few state governments that employ certain professionals.

Apart from the government bodies they also work in agricultural related companies. Almost 13% of the water management professionals work in the agricultural field, and 5% of them work in technical and consulting services. There are at least 5% people that are hired on a contract basis, and they serve different organizations.

The salary

On average, the water management planner gets an annual salary of 68220 dollars. The lowest earning is around 42940 dollars, and the highest earning of a water management planner is about 102200 dollars. The important fact is that most of the high earning professionals were not from the government bodies. They are employed by the agriculture sector. Their average salary is about 70480 dollars. The average salary of the state government professionals is 67150 dollars.


Job description

The job description of water management planners is the same as water resource engineers and environmental resource managers. We all know that their primary focus is to make water available to every need in that particular geographic location without causing any harm or destruction to the ecosystem. An experienced and a talented water management planner will evaluate the water management plans and provide consulting services which may or may not involve some drastic changes in the plans.


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08Jun 19
5 Important Questions To Ask A Commercial Plumber

5 Important Questions To Ask A Commercial Plumber

Plumbing is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any construction. It is not necessary for us to tell what will happen if the plumbing is not done properly. Whether it is a minor issue or a major issue the problem caused will be on a massive scale.

Things could be way worse if there is a plumbing issue in a commercial building. Hence it is important to choose the right commercial plumber. In this article, we will see some of the questions that you need to ask before hiring a commercial plumber.

Is the plumber licensed, experienced and insured?

In general, the licensed plumbers will have the required knowledge in the field, and hence we can be a bit confident the work will be carried out properly without any flaws. No one can deny the fact that there is nothing in this world that can substitute experience. Hiring an experienced professional is advantageous in many ways. It is safe to have insurance because there are good possibilities that the plumber might get hurt. In case of any mishaps, the insurance company will bear all the medical expenses.

Do they charge for estimates?

Not just plumbing, in any construction related activities the first thing that most of the people do is the estimation as it will give a clear picture of the expenditure. Most of the companies will not charge for the estimation process. But there are a few who charge for it. So it is essential that you be sure whether the individual or the company will be charging for the estimation process.

How do they charge?


When it comes to charging, different companies follow different patterns. Some of them charge on the basis of the time they work and some charge a flat fee for their services. To avoid further confusions in the future, it is always better to ask them about their charging pattern and get things clarified in advance. It will also give a clear picture of how much you would have to pay them.

How long has the company been in business?

This is one of the important things that you need to know before hiring a commercial plumber.  It is because if you are choosing an established company that has been in business for a long time, there are a lot of advantages to it. One of them is that they will have a 24-hour emergency service. The companies that have been established recently will not have these services, which is a must.

What is the warranty policy?

The warranty that is being offered by the company is very important. It is mandatory for the plumbers to give a guarantee for the work that they have done. You need to be crystal clear about the protocol that you need to follow to claim the guarantee and warranty. In most of the cases, it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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10May 19
3 Reasons To Install A Touchless Faucet

3 Reasons to Install a Touchless Faucet

Touchless faucets are one of the latest kitchen and restroom fixtures. It uses motion sensors to on and off automatically. There is no necessity to pull a lever to operate it. They are advanced, convenient and more sanitary when compared to the conventional faucets.

We are very much used to seeing the conventional water taps. These touchless water faucets have now become very normal. You can see them in restaurants and hotels. In this article, we will see the reasons to install touchless faucets.

Water conservation

If you are one of those people who think that using touchless faucets is all about luxury, then you are a person with very minimum knowledge.  There are a lot of advantages to installing touchless faucets. The most important among them is water conservation.  No one can deny the fact that the predominant human race is irresponsible at various levels. The common mistake that you see people doing is not closing the taps after using them. Any excuse given cannot be accepted. Water at unimaginable amounts is wasted because of this. So using touchless faucets saves a lot of water.

Prevent spreading germs

Prevent spreading germs

Restrooms and kitchens are places where the germ spread can happen easily. The reasons why it happens is very evident. We all know for a fact that just a small touch is all it takes for thousands of germs to come in contact with your body. If you’re washing does not require touching of faucets you are actually avoiding germ contamination to a considerable level. For people who have zero resistance towards germs, using the touchless faucets is the ideal choice for you. It does not matter whether it is a home or commercial building touchless faucets are advantageous in many ways.

Keep your faucets clean

We all know for a fact that maintaining faucets is a very difficult task. Since it is being subjected to a lot of dirt from us, soap particles and salt from water it easily losses its original state and appearance. If the faucet is metal, then it will have chemical reactions with the salt, and there are good possibilities of having permanent damages. But all of these issues can be avoided up to a considerable level by using touchless faucets. Since it does not require touching a considerable amount of dirt formation is eliminated, and if you are extra careful, the touchless faucets can be maintained clean easily.

Keep your faucets clean


There are no second thoughts on that touchless faucets are simple things. But the ways in which they contribute is very huge. These above mentioned are some of the advantages that they have. There is a lot that they can offer. So rather than opting for conventional faucets it better to go for the touchless faucets as they have a lot of advantages.

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08May 19
SEQ Water Receives A Tongue Lashing For Brisbane Fluoride Overdose

SEQ Water Receives A Tongue Lashing For Brisbane Fluoride Overdose

QUEENSLAND’S Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson has laid the blame for the fluoride overdose in Brisbane’s water supplies squarely on the shoulders of SEQ Water.

The State Government admitted in late May that it had initially released incorrect information concerning the incident.

The Government’s correct information revealed that the contamination happened in April, affecting up to 400 homes in the northern suburb of Joyner, as well as 200 children at a school camp.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh ordered an independent investigation into the incident, to be lead by International Water Centre chief Mark Pascoe.

The report found the overdose was caused by a combination of equipment failures to which the operators did not respond appropriately. It recommends more training for staff.

Robertson says he has made in clear to SEQ Water that the Government will not tolerate another such blunder. Should another incident occur, he says he will not hesitate in removing the board.

The North Pine fluoride facility will be closed until at least September while repairs are completed.

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08Apr 19
Independent Investigation Into Queensland’s Fluoride Overdose Incident

Independent Investigation Into Queensland’s Fluoride Overdose Incident

THE QUEENSLAND Government has announced an independent investigation into a series of faults in the state’s new south-east water fluoridation system, which saw up to 20 times the allowable dose of fluoride added to drinking water supplies.

Premier Anna Bligh told the State Parliament that International Water Centre chief Mark Pascoe would conduct the enquiry into the overdose incident.

Pascoe will examine the design and operation of the North Pine fluoridation system, as well as its monitoring, notification and emergency systems. He will also look for possible breaches by authorities and report back to the government by 26 June.

The Queensland Government revealed on 14 May that the fluoride was added to water which supplies around 4000 homes in Brisbane’s north.

SEQWater, the government-owned company in charge of the system, has also stated that six of its water treatment plants did not put enough fluoride into the water in the first three months of 2009.

Premier Bligh says the North Pine fluoride dosing system will remain offline while the investigation is carried out.

Fluoride is currently being phased into Queensland’s drinking water supplies and will be available to 95% of the state’s population when the program is finished in December 2012.

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05Apr 19
Flowmeters Used In Scottish Water Survey

Flowmeters Used In Scottish Water Survey

SCOTTISH Water is using Micronics portable flowmeters to establish the load profiles of its water treatment sites.
The PDFM IV is being used to survey wastewater flow rates at 111 facilities around the Dundee area.

The company is undertaking the study so it can analyse the performance of its plants. The instrument has enabled its engineers to verify diurnal sewage patterns and prioritise future developments.

According to the water provider, they chose the ultrasonic, clamp-on device because it provided non-contact analysis and could be easily installed. The survey has is 50% complete.

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18Mar 19
Air Bags For Secure Pipeline Layout

Air Bags For Secure Pipeline Layout

AIR Springs Supply has highlighted the use of its lifting bags to reposition and reduce stress on pipelines.
The diversity of terrain and climate conditions across Australia provides particular challenges in the operation of long-haul pipelines. Having pipes running in good working order is vital for the security and safety of the fluid they are carrying.

A single pipe may run over hundreds of kilometres and encounter everything from hills and ridges to gullies and trenches. The pipes have to be lifted or relocated in order to avoid such problems. This can inflict potentially dangerous strains on the structure.

The Nacap group specialises in the layout of industrial pipelines. They use Pronal lifting bags to position the pipelines without creating excessive strain.

Gauges along sections of the pipeline guide the rate of inflation needed for each particular structure. The company says the movements can be as small as a single millimetre and are more precise than hydraulics.
CLP 67 cushions have the capacity to lift 67t as well as the ability to spread evenly over an area for smaller-scale control. The pipework provider claims the bags provide gentle handling of the pipes, resulting in a safer workplace, a lower risk of infrastructure damage and a more secure pipe system.

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02Mar 19
Ultraviolet HOD Water Treatment

Ultraviolet HOD Water Treatment

SPC Ardmona is using advanced hydro-optic disinfection (HOD) technologies as a treatment technique at their Shepparton plant.

The Atlantium-developed UV out-of-water system, according to the company, reduces chlorine dioxide use and leaves no disinfection by-products. The system is applied to treat water used for both production and equipment washdown. The system was installed by Cleanteq and supplied by Eimco Water Technologies.

The company says they no longer have to store and handle potentially hazardous chemicals. The process has also enhanced the process water purity and reduces the chances of chlorine-related corrosion of machinery. Ardmona draws chlorinated water from the local town supply that needs to be purified.

The manufacturer claims the technology makes use of ultraviolet light lamps situated out of the water to disinfect the water. Water makes its way through system and distributed to all parts of the plant, including the cooling towers, food processing and liquid and steam cleaning. Sensors monitor the water flow rate and the transmission of UV rays.
Ardmona says the technology has allowed them to replace other treatment techniques like chlorine, ozone and pasteurisation.

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08Feb 19
Toowoomba Pipeline Pumps On The Way

Toowoomba Pipeline Pumps On The Way

WORK has begun on a new Wivenhoe Dam pump station that will deliver water to the drought-stricken Toowoomba region, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Stirling Hinchliffe announced.

Mr Hinchliffe said when complete the station will pump water to Toowoomba at a rate of 490 litres per second.
He said two remote-controlled pumps will move water through the 38-kilometre pipeline at a force roughly 12.5 times the normal household water pressure.

“We are right on track to securing the water supply future for Toowoomba on time and on budget,” Minister Hinchliffe said.

“Without this pipeline, the situation is grim. Despite the passing of an extraordinary wet season for much of South East Queensland, there is currently less water in the three dams which feed Toowoomba than the previous year.
“Part of our response, as a government, is this pipeline. I’m delighted with progress.

“Not only are we delivering on our commitment to jobs but we are delivering vital infrastructure projects for the State on budget and on time.’’

The smaller of the pumps will be housed on a 45 metre-long jetty suspended over Wivenhoe Dam. It will extract water from the dam and deliver it over a short distance to the bigger pump, powered by an 1850 kilowatt motor.
The larger pump will deliver the water over the length of the pipeline, traversing challenging terrain, including a hill 265 metres above sea level.

Member for Toowoomba North Kerry Shine said the pumps will operate non-stop for 12-18 months after the pipeline is commissioned early in 2010 to raise the water level in Cressbrook Dam to more than 20 per cent. Cressbrook is currently the lowest of the three Toowoomba dam levels at 8.7 per cent of its capacity (as at 4 August 2009).
“Work on the intake jetty and its supporting pylons requires a large barge to be positioned in Wivenhoe Dam, where scuba divers will carry out any underwater activities,’’ Mr Shine said. “Close to 90 per cent of pipe is now in the ground with around five kilometres left to be laid.

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