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Best Water Heating Systems For Your Home

Best Water Heating Systems For Your Home

Whenever it comes to water heaters, there are a lot of choices to select from. Whether it is the kind of fuel used for heating water inside your home or the design of the water heater, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, it’s important to note that your home’s needs should determine the choice of the water heating system. Each of the available water heater systems has its advantages and disadvantages hence the need to choose wisely. You must ensure that the choice you pick is the best for your home. We spoke to Liam from Hot Water Brisbane and here are the five best water heating systems he recommended for homeowners:

1. Conventional Storage Water Heater System

This is one of the most popular water heater systems with homeowners and probably one that most people are familiar with. As the name suggests, these systems feature a storage tank that holds the heated water. Therefore, every time you open your home faucets, you are will get hot water until the heated water runs out. The capacity of the tank determines how much hot water you get in your home at once. For instance, if the tank capacity is 150L, then you will get a continuous stream of 150 litres of hot before it runs out. So, if the system capacity is small for your home hot water needs, you will get lukewarm or cold water once the capacity of the tank runs out. Therefore, if you have a larger family, go for a larger model. One of the biggest benefits of a conventional storage water heater system, according to Liam, is the affordability. They are cheaper and also pretty easy to install. However, they are a bit costly to maintain due to the continuous cleaning of the tank to remove sediment. The continuous heating of water in the tank also increases greenhouse gas emission, hence contributing to global warming.

2. Tankless Water Heater System

The tankless water heater is the latest technology in the industry. The water heater system is also known as instantaneous or on-demand water heaters, due to its ability to supply instant hot water. Unlike conventional water heaters, these water heater systems can offer nearly endless hot water for your home. As the name suggests, these water heaters are not designed with tanks. Instead, they have super-heated coils that continuously heats the water passing over them. So, immediately you power on the water heater, the water passing over the coils instantly to the set temperature. That’s how these water heaters offer instant hot water immediately they are powered on. One of the biggest benefits of tankless water heaters is their energy efficiency. With this system, you only heat water when you need it. That means less energy is burned, hence reduced carbon footprint from your home. However, Liam mentioned that the initial investment for a tankless water heater system is significantly higher compared to traditional hot water heaters.

3. Heat Pump Water Heater System

Also known to us the hybrid water heater, heat pump water heater is another option that Liam recommended for homeowners. Unlike the other water heater systems that use electricity to heat water, this system does not use electricity directly. That’s why they are one of the most energy-efficient hot water heaters in the market. Heat pump water heater makes use of the heat in the air to heat water. The electricity power is only used to move the heat from the surrounding (air and ground) to the water. Studies have shown that these water heater systems can use up to 60 percent less electricity compared to the traditional electric water heaters. Like the traditional storage tank water heaters, these water heaters also come with a tank. Therefore, you need to select a capacity that suits your home needs. The incredible energy efficiency features of this system make it perfect for environmental conservation. However, it might not work very well in cold spaces or during winter seasons.

4. Solar Powered Water Heater System

The other water heater system that Liam recommended for homes is the solar-powered system. There are many reasons why solar-powered systems have been rising in popularity not only in Australia but worldwide. One of them is the numerous environmental and financial benefits due to their incredible energy-efficient features.   Solar Hot Water System. Solar-powered water heaters use energy from the sun to heat water. The system relies on solar panels (which are mounted on the house roof) as its source of energy. The solar energy is transferred to a closed-loop system, which contains a heat conductive material. The heat is then transferred to the water circulating in the closed-loop, and that’s how the water gets heated. Solar-powered water heater system works particularly well in warm and sunny climates. However, you will` need an electric or gas backup in case the hot water in the storage tank runs out in the night or during winter seasons. One of the biggest benefits of solar water heaters is zero greenhouse gas emission. However, the initial cost is higher compared to electric and gas systems.

5. Condensing Water Heater System

Last but least is the condensing water heater system. These are water heater systems designed to use unused gas and fumes to heat water. However, they work best for homes that are primarily using natural gas as the source of energy. Condensing water heater system works by collecting the gas fumes from burning natural gas, such as oven and heater, to heat water for your home. The water heater system is designed with a tank, which stores the heated water. Therefore, you will need to look for a capacity that addresses your home needs. One of the biggest benefits of Condensing water heater system is energy efficiency for households using natural gas. You will be using zero energy to heat water apart from the energy that has already been burned. Therefore, this system helps to reduce global warming. For homeowners planning to install new water heaters, these are some of the best water heater systems you can select from. However, if you need a hot water system installer and supplier in the Brisbane area, you may opt to contact: Hot Water Brisbane at 5/46 Reeve St, Clayfield, Brisbane, QLD. 4011 or call (07) 3064 0663 or email them at Check their location here ->

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