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Your Guide To Installing Compact Water Heaters For Caravans And Motor Homes

Your Guide To Installing Compact Water Heaters For Caravans And Motor Homes

Travelling caravans and motor homes have become increasingly popular with tourists in Australia. That’s because of the fun and adventure that this type of camping offers. If you are planning a caravan, among the key things you need to check is the hot water supply. What you need is a reliable compact hot water heater for caravan and motor homes. From washing dishes, showering, or even washing your hands during camping, you need hot water. However, the choice of the water heater depends on your vehicle and your water requirements. Here is our list of the best compact water heaters for caravans and motor homes. Check out for these water heaters and others.

LP Gas Water Heater

One of the most popular compact water heaters for caravans and motor homes are the LP gas water heaters. These models are also common in most homes in Australia because of the numerous benefits such as better reliability and lower cost of running when compared to electric models. As long as your gas bottle has LP gas, you will get hot water. Caravan gas water heater runs independently from the engine, and that’s what makes them more reliable. You just need to connect them to your gas bottle to get hot water. However, buy the modern gas water heater for caravans since the old versions are fuel guzzlers and could expensive to run. Modern water heaters offer a higher level of efficiency hence low gas consumption. They also produce lower exhaust emissions, which help to lower your carbon footprint. Gas water heaters are ideal for those camping in sites without power connection. For small caravans, you can buy portable camping gas water heaters.

Therme/MotorAid Water Heater

Therme or MotorAid water heaters have become increasingly popular with campers due to the numerous benefits they offer. They do not use any fuel to heat water but uses the heat generated by the van. Therefore, once you have installed these water heaters, you will only incur the maintenance cost. The working mechanism of therme water heaters is pretty simple. The hot air pipes from the van’s cooling system runs directly through the water heating appliance. The heat from the engine is released in the heat to the water and that’s how you get hot water. heating radiator There are many benefits that come with MotorAid water heaters. First, they are compact and lightweight because of a few parts. Second, they are easy to install since there are few parts, unlike the LP gas or electric water heaters. Lastly, these water heaters are eco-friendly since they help to reduce the burning of energy to heat water.

Electric Campers Water Heater

Another water heater option for campers is the electric powered water heater. Unlike the LP gas water heater, you don’t have to worry about the exhaust when using these heaters. They are powered by electricity, and thus you need a power source to heat water. Campers with electric water heaters usually choose campsites connected to the power line. That’s how you heat water. However, if you are planning to camp in the bush, then you need to consider bringing your own power source. A generator is the widely used power source by campers using these water heaters. If you can afford a solar power system that can power the water heater, the better. What you need are PV solar panels and batteries to harvest and store the green energy. The stored energy is used during the night to power your gadgets and heat water.

Gas-electric Powered Water heater

heating radiatorIf you want to install a more reliable caravan compact water heater, then you need to consider the gas-electric powered water heater. Powered by the combination of both gas and electricity, these water heaters offer incredible reliability. You can use both fuels hence enjoying the benefits of both electrical and powered water heater. Electric water heaters are more efficient than gas models. So, if the campsite has a power connection, you use electricity to heat water. When in the bush, you switch to LP gas mode. This water heater is the most ideal for people planning for a more extended caravan camping.

Endless Hot Water Heaters

The endless hot water heaters are increasingly becoming popular with caravans and motor homes. They are a new model of water heaters that run on your RV’s fuel. So, what you need is to have the water heater connected to your RV fuel tank. As long as your caravan has fuel and you have a water supply, you will get hot water. However, endless hot water heaters are a bit complex and require a specialist for installation work. They also require strict maintenance to keep them in good condition and keep you safe. In conclusion, when installing compact water heaters for caravan and motor home, pick a model that is compatible with the future RV upgrade. It will save you money and offer a smooth transition.

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