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Dangers Of Unfiltered Drinking Water

Dangers Of Unfiltered Drinking Water

With water becoming a scarce resource, its quality has been lowering every year. The main reasons being increased pollution. There are many chemicals coming from the farms, factories, and many other places that end up in the water, making it unsafe for drinking. That is why installing water filters for drinking water is highly recommended here in Australia. These filters remove solid particles, chemicals, and microorganisms in the water to make it safe for drinking. However, it is important to know when to change your water filter to maintain quality drinking. The recommended time for changing a quality water filter is six months.  

9 Dangers Of Unfiltered Drinking Water

There are many dangers that come with drinking unfiltered water. Most of these dangers include health risks from chemicals and microorganisms found in the water. The good thing is that you can remove most of these health threats through the filtration process. If you're wondering whether changing your water filter is worth it, examine these dangers of unfiltered drinking water and consider the risks for yourself and your family, especially young children at home who are more susceptible to toxins in your drinking water.

1. Fluoride

blurry water unsafe for drinking Fluoride is one of the ingredients in toothpaste. When used in small amounts, it makes teeth white and shiny. However, when consumed in large quantities, it can cause serious health complications. Studies have proven that fluoride is a neurotoxin that can disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system when one is exposed to a large amount. So your thyroid and pineal glands will be affected if you consume a lot of fluorides. The amount of fluoride in the water depends on the origin of the water. Water coming from regions where the soil is rich in fluoride can cause severe health damages. That’s why you need to install a water filter to remove fluoride from in water before drinking.

2. Chlorine

Small amounts of chlorine are added in water to kill disease-causing microorganisms to make it safe for drinking. But too much chlorine can be harmful to the body. Studies have shown the hydrochloric acid in chlorine could impair the normal functions of the respiratory system when taken in a large amount. You can also be exposing yourself to memory loss and damaged cells if you consume too much chlorine. So excess chlorine in the water is the danger you could be exposing yourself by drinking unfiltered water.

3. Exposure To Lead

Lead is one of the most toxic components in the water. It is one of the heavy metals in the water that comes from industrial effluent or uncontrolled farming products. It is too destructive that can it can destroy all organs in your body. It can cause development disorders such as deafness, learning disabilities, and autism, amongst others. That is why it is classified as one of the most dangerous heavy metals in water. However, it can be trapped and removed from the water using water filters.

4. Mercury Danger

pouring unfiltered drinking water into glass Mercury is another dangerous chemical element and one of the heavy metals in water. It is a very toxic element that comes from places with a lot of farming and industrial activities. Studies have shown that exposure to mercury is likely to cause cognitive disability, skin rashes, muscle atrophy, and headaches, amongst others. The studies have also shown an increase in various cancers for people in areas where exposure to mercury is high. That’s why you need to filter water before drinking to remove these chemical elements.

5. Arsenic Danger

All studies and research done on arsenic have proved that it is one of the deadliest toxins found in water. What is even scaring is the numerous health dangers the chemical poses to the body. Even a small amount of this chemical can cause several cancers, including bladder and lung cancer. Too much of this chemical can cause clotting in the blood vessels and eventually causing death. Other health issues caused by arsenic poisoning are abdominal pain and diarrhea. These are some of the reasons why you should avoid drinking untreated water.

6. Dioxins

Dioxin is one of the dangers of unfiltered drinking water. It is a dangerous toxin that is released during combustion in factories, cigarette smoking as well during forest fires. That is why even the natural stream’s water may not be safe for drinking. Studies have shown that exposure to dioxins component could damage your reproductive system. The toxin can also cause serious problems in your immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. Fortunately, you can remove dioxin components on the water through water filtration.

7. PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls)

washing vegetables with unfiltered water PCBs are dangerous chemicals found in water, including your tap water. The chemical is used for industrial purposes, including productions of insulation, paints, oil, and electronic. It is from these materials, especially in the dumpsites, that these chemicals find their way into the water sources, including rivers. PCNs can disintegrate and easily get processed by your body. So, what you will have are toxins and antioxidants that are likely to cause various types of cancer.

8. Radioactive Substance

We all know the health hazards that come as a result of exposure to radioactive conditions. Most people think that getting exposed to radioactive substances only happens in a nuclear power plant, which is not entirely true. Radioactive elements are also found freely in nature. For instance, you can find materials such as uranium, radon, radium, and others that possess radioactive features in nature. So they can easily seep into the groundwater or be swept by surface water during rains. That is how you get exposed to these chemicals in your home if you don’t filter the water.

9. Copper Danger

If you have copper pipes or faucets in your plumbing system, then you are likely to get exposed to a large quantity of copper. As your plumbing system ages, these pipes and faucets will start releasing more copper elements to the water, and this will threaten your health. Some of the common health complications associated with exposure to copper include anemia and liver and kidney failure.

Why Filter Drinking Water?

These are nine dangers of unfiltered drinking water. The dangers are live across all parts of the world, and thus, any unfiltered water is not safe for drinking. That’s why every home in Australia should consider investing in a quality water filter.

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